Coach and Advisor Testimonials from TSC Summer Camps 2019


“I wish I would have known about TSC years sooner! It’s THE BEST camp/experience we’ve ever had! The staff is very knowledgeable and up to date on industry [standards] and ready to help! Can’t get one-on-one like we did here anywhere else!”
Martha Huerta, Paramount High School

“TSC is a family. You feel the love and energy as soon as you step on the mat. TSC is everything you want in a cheer/dance camp and more.”
Monique Cabral, Citrus Valley High School

“The TSC staff is the best staff around. We’ve tried UCA, NCA, USA camps and the staff is young and inexperienced. TSC staff knows their material and has a wealth of knowledge. Stunt experts!!”
Jama Maxfield, Palos Verdes High School

“The camp is amazing, personable, technique, family oriented and Dave and his staff are the BEST in the business.”
Bayleigh Cluett, Rancho Buena Vista High School

“TSC provides current trends with material and up to date safety for stunts. Our school looks forward to attending stunt clinics and camp every year. TSC offers it all! VMHS loves TSC!”
Courtney Hansen, Vista Murrieta High School

“There is no other cheer camp I would take my cheerleaders. Staff, material, and the experience are exceptional.” Ellie Reeves, Yucaipa High School

“TSC has supported my program in every way possible. My team has created strong connections with Dave and staff.”
Jennifer Rhodus, Redlands East Valley High School

“TSC is the best camp Foothill has been too! We love coming back year after year. We would never go to another camp.
Kaela Boersma, Foothill High School

“TSC provides the best, most qualified staff I’ve ever seen. My team leaves with new skills and usable material.”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“Our experience at TSC was enjoyable. The attention given to all teams during instruction was great. I highly recommend TSC.”
Rosa Gonzalez, Rosemead High School


“This was our first year and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any squad. Their staff is phenomenal and the training you [receive] as a coach, as well as your athletes, is top of the line. Would come back!”
Daye Smalley, Shadow Ridge High School

“TSC is the best of the best! The material taught is current, challenging and always a crowd pleaser! Staff are knowledgeable, professional and so friendly! Our team loves attending camp every year and a great way to kick off our season!”
Maria Kolaga, Millennium High School

“TSC is one of a kind company. You are able to get the “big company” feel of camp, while still getting that personal “family” touch that every team needs!”
Kaley Nowaczyk, Pinnacle High School

“TSC is the best there is. You get treated like family and your athletes truly get the attention they deserve.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“Every year there are never any hesitations with returning to TSC. Staff is great with athletes and the material is fun, energized and challenging!”
Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“TSC changes the game when it comes to camp. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a great year for the team. We’ll never go anywhere else!”
Leah Zeiger, South Pasadena High School

“I highly recommend TSC camp to all high schools who want more private and one on one time with your teams.”
Kori Boe, Pinnacle High School

“TSC staff is great about teaching proper technique and breaking it down. The staff is truly invested in the learning and growth in the cheerleaders.”
Jennifer Flanagan, Thunderbird High School

“TSC instructors are top notch! Extremely talented professional athletes who care about the success of your team.”
Allison Kyler, Silverado High Schooll

“I appreciate the emphasis put on training for coaches and the intentionality behind making the camp experience awesome for us coaches as well! Thank you!”
Nikki Libby, Perry High School

“Valley Vista loves TSC! Our team learns great material and new skills every year, and they look forward to seeing all the instructors each year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“It was a great experience; I saw many of my girls grow and gain more confidence through this camp!”
Annabrielle Davis,Queen Creek High School

“Overall amazing class/camp! I feel my team is leaving with new skills and a better team then before they got here! Thank you!”
Lexie Morel,Valley Vista High School

Coach and Advisor Testimonials from TSC Summer Camps 2018


“From summer camps to stunt clinics to choreography – TSC provides not only lasting memories, but top-notch professionalism and up-to-date material!”
Courtney Hansen, Vista Murrieta High School

“There is no other camp that has constant one-on-one coaching. Dave’s philosophy is everything [that] I and my program believe in.”
Kimm Toothman, Glendora High School

“Out of all the camps I’ve been to, this one [is] the best. If you want a family…TSC is the place to be!”
Emily Fitts, Citrus Valley High School

“This is honestly the best camp I [have] ever attended as a cheerleader and as a coach. So amazing that they allowed me to bring my baby with me.”
Kennedy Brown, Orange Vista High School

“The TSC staff and curriculum is amazing. I came to camp here 6 years ago as a cheerleader and now as a coach. I’m glad it’s only getting better.”
Elana Dinkins, Oak Hills High School

“The camp and the staff are the best around! We would never take our team anywhere else and look forward to coming every summer.”
Kaela Boersma and Brianna Libonati, Foothill High School

“TSC provides the most current and up to date material to your teams that can be used all season long. Learned from the best staff in the business.”
Jennifer Thomas, Boulder Creek High School

“I love [the] ‘HOME’ feeling from Dave and his TSC staff.”
Katrina Parcells, St. Francis High School

“TSC is the place you want to be at. My first time here was an amazing experience.”
Delilah Gutierrez, Citrus Valley High School

“TSC provides a service that money can’t pay for. They are amazing!”
Joya Jenkins, Orange Vista High School

“TSC helped build our team from the ground up and gave us the tools to succeed this season!”
Amber Lancaster, Bassett High School

“[TSC camp is the] highlight of the season and a necessary kickstart to strengthen the unity of our team!”
Alyssa Saenz, St. Francis High School


“We continue to love TSC pom camp. The dance material is the best out there. Music selection is fun and energetic. Perfect for halftime material. WE LOVE TSC! Best Camp Ever!”
Trish Madden, Willow Canyon High School

“We choose TSC because we trust the caliber of staff that will be working with our girls. They are really the best there is.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“TSC is unlike any other camp! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! We love TSC and plan to return next summer!”
Brooke Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“Year after year TSC goes above and beyond. This is my fifth year with TSC. I am part of the TSC family now and feel that way every year. My kids also feel as though they are part of this family.”
Brandi Giacoletti, Duncan High School

“The level of professionalism and skill of staff can’t be found anywhere else. It’s the perfect mix of fun and learning new skills.”
Chanelle Johnson, Perry High School

“We love TSC camp – the staff is highly skilled and professional. They work closely with my athletes to ensure safety and success in learning new skills. Also, TSC’s staff is consistent year after year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“The personal service, kindness, education, etc… that your squad gets with TSC, is far above other cheer camp companies.”
Candace Scholtz, Cactus High School

“I have experienced TSC camps as a cheerleader and coach and I’ve loved every minute. The staff are encouraging, kind and so helpful!”
Stefanie Parish, South Pasadena High School

“The staff is highly qualified, and the overall camp experience is just amazing. I have attended as a camper and coach and I wouldn’t choose any other camp!”
Taylor Welleford, Duncan High School

“TSC is amazing. The staff connects with the kids and are so willing to make each and every team better.”
Megan Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“My team made numerous comments throughout camp on how much they LOVE THE STAFF without being prompted.”
Silena Smith, Queen Creek High School

“We loved all the dance staff at TSC. They are constantly checking to make sure we are okay, having fun, being safe etc. They genuinely care about our girls and us as coaches.”
Maria Kolaga and Tami Ngo, Millennium High School

Coach and Advisor Testimonials from TSC Summer Camps 2017


“Our first time at TSC camp. The one-on-one coaching where staff stayed with each team and gave undivided attention and coaching is invaluable. The staff are mature, knowledgeable, young adults who absolutely care for the athletes and their success!”
Kimm Toothman, Glendora High School

“We have attended TSC camp before, and the last few years had to attend elsewhere. This year we were stoked to come back! TSC hands down has the best material to offer. Having a huge staff allows teams to receive one on one coaching to make them reach goals faster. I can’t imagine attending any other camp form here on out!
Juliana Hornbake, Citrus Hill High School

“Quality Service! Quality Material! Quality People! We finally switched over from a USA camp and we could not be happier!!! The staff is the best staff I’ve seen, and I’ve been a coach now for 18 years! BEST EVER!!”
Jama Maxfield, Palos Verdes High School

“Dave genuinely cares for his TSC Family! That TSC family is comprised of his staff, his own [immediate] family, and all of us who continue to bring our programs back year after year!”
Elizabeth Deines, Bishop Amat High School

“Your staff was amazing! I loved how each staff made camp personable for the athletes! Sometimes the material, stunts, and pyramids can be overwhelming. Your staff took the time to help and encourage my athletes where they were struggling! Thank You!”
Rebekah Craft, Rancho Buena Vista High School

“I love TSC! From being a camper to now attending as a coach, there has always been consistency! The staff is AMAZING, and the content cannot be beat!”
Claire Esteves, Vista Murrieta High School

“TSC is an amazing camp! Vista Murrieta High School attends TSC camp every year. Coaches seminars to private coaching, TSC is the best camp choice!”
Courtney Hansen, Vista Murrieta High School

“By far the best cheer camp we have attended! The staff was incredible, and the workshop schedule made sense. We will NEVER go back to Varsity!”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“There’s no other camp comparable to TSC! Coming twice as a camper and four times as a coach, I really feel like my team is learning the best material with hands on staff!”
Destiny Guevara, Sultana High School

“As a new coach, TSC made me feel comfortable with the demand of cheer camp. They are amazing!”
Erin Lovewell, Oak Hills High School

“TSC camp is GREAT!! Dave and staff are great to work with! My girls love this camp and everything they learned!”
Amber Leavitt, Moapa Valley High School

“I came to TSC camp when I was in high school & I will continue to send my girls here every summer!! Very hands-on and visual! Dave and his team would bend over backwards to help teams get to where they need to be!!
Maggie Titus, Citrus Hill High School

“TSC is the most educational cheer camp I’ve ever been too! The camp provides hands-on training, safe technique, stunt demos, as well as seminars that are imperative for the growth of our youth (cheer & life lessons)!”
Angel Dudley, Harvard-Westlake School

“TSC has the best staff! Their dance staff are not only great instructors, but manly amazing and inspiring dancers themselves. I love leaving camp knowing my team learned from the best!”
Sabrina Arthun, Bishop Amat High School

“Great camp with outstanding and knowable staff!”
Chelsie Lamp, Sultana High School

“I loved the camp and so did my team! The instructor-to-cheerleader ratio was second to none!”
Melissa Bechtold, Vista Murrieta High School


“I have been to every major companies’ camp as a camper and as a coach. Nothing compares to TSC! Most knowledgeable staff. While learning cutting edge material my teams are reviewing technique and stunt safety. They have certified athletic trainers on staff 24/7. Plus, coaches meeting worth attending. I will NEVER go anywhere else!”
Dani Schulenburg, South Pasadena High School

“We have come to TSC for 6 years now, and every time our teams improve immensely. The staff is all beyond qualified and work amazingly with the kids!”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“We love TSC! The staff is very professional and does a great job with the campers and coaches. Dave is very organized and always willing to answer any cheer questions we may have throughout the year.”
Kelly Gibson, Queen Creek High School

“I’ve been to many camps and TSC is by far the best. My athletes get one-on-one instruction and learn a lot!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“Thank you, Dave and TSC Staff, for honestly caring about our success! I couldn’t do that without your help year after year!!”
Brandi Giacoletti, Duncan High School

“We love the staff-to-athlete ratio. Our cheerleaders get attention that other camps can’t provide.”
Chanelle Johnson, Perry High School

“Always a great camp with staff that want you to succeed!”
Salena Smith, Queen Creek High School

“This camp is absolutely superior!! Very helpful staff!”
Candace Scholtz, Cactus High School

“There is no other camp that compares to TSC. The staff is amazing! The coaches and cheerleaders walk away with so much knowledge! We Love TSC!!”
Brianna Libonati and Kaela Boersma, Foothill High School

Coach and Advisor Testimonials from TSC Summer Camps 2016


“Everything from registration to the excellent and current material taught at camp, the whole experience was GREAT! It was so organized and everyone was so helpful. Thank you for being so welcoming, helpful and providing such a worthwhile curriculum to my team! Look forward to our continued relationship with TSC!”
Maria Kolaga, Millennium High School

“Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. I like all material taught, thought dances were fun. Our team said this was the best camp they’ve been to! I can’t say enough about Dave and his staff, they were so friendly and willing to help. I was always greeted with a smile. Staff stayed late to help members of our team, to answer questions for coaches, etc. Overall great experience. Thank you TSC!”
Amber Kriess, Valley Vista High School

“Dance staff was “real” with the girls and genuinely have passion for dance which impressed the girls and inspired them! Love the team focus and low stress environment. I have seen my girls really break out of their “pommie” shells. They have gained confidence in their performances and style. The staff was truly an inspiration. I heard several girls admit they have never had fun at camp before attending TSC and they are sad to go home. That’s a testimonial in itself! Thank you. Dance staff: Great diversity among entire staff! All top notch performers and people. So approachable, very knowledgeable and completely open to sharing their thoughts and best practices to better the dancers.  As a coach, I appreciate the structure of this camp: that we have a private coacher to create instead of me having to do it and I love the ample practice time built into schedule and I like that the evaluations focus is on performance. I really learned a lot this week from the staff and learned to let go and trust my team and feel they are stronger in several areas because of TSC expectation and structure.”
Rani Reichow, Pinnacle High School

“Enjoyed the close location, meals, material and mentors. Thanks to Dave for all the information throughout the year. First year attending TSC and my team said they definitely want to return next summer. The TSC staff and camp were all amazing and we will be back in 2017.”
Ruby Graves, Millennium High School

“Instruction was solid and safe! Instructors were super knowledgeable and provided great technique and feedback. So much care was taken in reference to the girl’s safety, security and well-being. I was so impressed with the caliber of care and instruction provided by the TSC staff even our most advanced cheerleaders came away with new techniques and materials for a successful season!”
Melodie Brewer, Boulder Creek High School

“The whole team is very organized and kept us “in the know” at all times. 1st time campers of TSC and we are blown away by the staff to camper ratio and the communication, all from the get go.”
Silena Smith, Queen Creek High School

“The organization and communication was awesome. I loved having the schedule and all the information ahead of time. We had an awesome experience at the TSC Arizona camp. Dave is always willing to answer any questions we have throughout the year and the entire staff is very professional and did a great job working with my team.”
Kelly Gibson, Queen Creek High School

“Love the dance staff! Quality instruction, quality choreography, quality camp!”
Tenneal Howard, Perry High School

“I will continue to have my girls attend this camp, I am a huge fan of Dave and his family.”
Misty Williams, Faith Lutheran High School

“Material was much better with more appropriate moves and music and loved that they stunted more. Best camp! I keep hearing from other coaches that they were not happy with other camps, so grateful we chose TSC!”
Brandi Giacoletti, Duncan High School

“Love the clean material! Loved that you listened to past suggestions, excited to come back! We love TSC they are wonderful with working with squads at all levels. Dave truly cares about every single one of us and always has our best interest at heart. We couldn’t imagine spending camp with anyone else.”
Shaylee Richards, Duncan High School

“I love the professional staff at TSC – they are not 18-year-old kids. They are top notch collegiate athletes. TSC may not be huge yet but it is an amazing camp. Fundamentals and basics are really emphasized to ensure technique is strong going into the season. Not to mention that no cost is spared in regards to amazing, genuine staff.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“The stunting and training provided was what I liked best about TSC camp. This was my first experience and it was fantastic. I believe the cheerleaders had a great time!”
Brandon Q., Valley Vista High School

“Sessions for campers are structured very well, love that there is ample staff available to assist during stunting classes. Stunts were shown at a great pace for learning.”
Dawn Bennett, Boulder Creek High School

“Awesome material, amazing staff!”
Cathi Dennis, Campo Verde High School

“I appreciate the time that Dave and the rest of the TSC staff take to make sure that coaches understand rule changes not only with discussion but actual demonstrations.”
Candace Scholtz, Cactus High School

“Game prep was awesome! We could clearly tell that the comments from last year were incorporated. We have been coming to TSC’s Arizona camp since their first year, each year it has gotten better. We are a very small squad from a small rural school but Dave and his staff always make us feel like we are important and valued. He takes our calls every time all year long. We know that he truly wants our squad and us as coaches to succeed. We love TSC!”
Dustie Robinette, Duncan High School


“I have nothing but rave reviews for TSC! It’s like our own personal Disneyland for dancers. Just making dreams come true. Every day was meticulously planned, from dance classes, team bonding, breakfast, lunch and dinners etc. And let’s not forget, TSC has the most amazing talented staff. Counting down the days until next year.”
Eva Rodriguez, Granada Hills High School

“This was our first time at TSC camp and our dancers absolutely loved it! For this being more so a cheer saturated camp, the caliber of dance training is comparable to what you see at dance conventions. Great affordable value for all that you get!”
Tu Devera, Jayvee Dance Center

“I absolutely love TSC. I have attended TSC camp for 3 years and am always amazed with the staff, material and facilities. The staff is so positive and helpful and make camp an amazing experience for the cheerleaders.”
Kristin Webb, Orange Vista High School

“TSC cheer camp meets all of our sideline cheer program needs. We walk away from camp with our teams knowing multiple cheers, pep rally routines and the idea that team is fun! With all the knowledge of what we learn the team can go all year with new material for an amazing program!”
Cindy Bradley, La Quinta High School

“I enjoyed how small camp was thus year. It allowed for more one on one attention. This camp was amazing and I know my team really enjoyed it thus year. They loved having a smaller group of athletes.”
Jessica Rock, La Quinta High School

“TSC is more than a cheer camp, it’s a family. I feel like my teams and I have known the TSC staff forever. It’s great to be a part of something that I know my girls will remember forever.”
Jessica Sears, Bishop Amat High School

“Dave was so helpful in planning and working with me having my team coming from so far. It couldn’t have been a smoother and easier experience. I loved all the staff and they really helped boost the team’s confidence and improve their basics and techniques we got a wealth of information for both myself as a new coach and my team.”
Alyson Torgerson, Anchorage Christian School

“My high school has attended TSC camp for years, due to financial limitations we were forced to stay local for camp last year and attended a different camp brand. Needless to say we came right back to TSC this year because they are by far the best in the business. I trust the staff with the safety of my girls and I know they always leave camp having progressed immensely as a team!”
Kristen Fisher, Shadow Ridge High School

“TSC dance camp is incredibly innovative and inspiring. Their staff genuinely cares about your dancers and helps them immensely to develop their skills. Their choreography is the most creative out there.”
Sabrina Arthun, Bishop Amat High School

“TSC has consistently exceeded expectations. Safety is always first which is of the utmost importance. TSC is creative in stunts and cutting edge.”
Sara Sahagun, Rancho Cucamonga High School

“TSC is a professional, knowledgeable and fun organization. Everything from staff to material to music is beyond expectations. They continue to raise the bar for cheer/dance camps nationwide!”
Alyssa Pezone, Shadow Ridge High School

“Level of instruction is always top notch. Would recommend this camp to all high schools at every camp.”
Mary Davis, Legacy High School

“TSC has an excellent, caring staff that work hard to make sure our kids have a great year.”
Krysta Holland, Oak Hills High School

“TSC staff is second to none!”
Jamie Muller, Roosevelt High School