Coach and Advisor Testimonials from TSC Summer Camps 2021


“TSC Camp is the BEST! My athletes get one on one instruction at whatever skill level they need. They learn so much material and so many skills that carry them through the year, and they always look forward to camp the next year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“TSC is truly amazing, and the girls loved it! No other camp compares to it.”
Carli Zagarni, Shadow Ridge High School

“We love TSC! Thank you for accommodating individuals so that we can have some type of opportunity for our athletes! Hopefully next year we will be perfectly on track for success!”
Jessica Coday, Millennium High School

“The TSC staff really takes the time to get to know the girls and make them all feel comfortable. Always cute choreography, fun classes with stunts they can use outside of camp. Such a positive vibe and so organized!”
Megan Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“The staff and materials were fun, and that allowed for the teams to be more engaged. Along with the staff who were all so helpful. They left no team out and cared for them equally! We loved the entire camp and environment!”
Alissa Serrano, Desert Edge High School

“We have always enjoyed the energy and material TSC has offered! The structure works really well for me as a coach and stunting breakdown caters to my athletes at all levels!” Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“TSC instructors are top notch! Extremely talented professional athletes who care about the success of your team.”
Allison Kyler, Silverado High School


“This was our first year and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any squad. Their staff is phenomenal and the training you [receive] as a coach, as well as your athletes, is top of the line. Would come back!”
Daye Smalley, Shadow Ridge High School

“TSC is the best of the best! The material taught is current, challenging and always a crowd pleaser! Staff are knowledgeable, professional and so friendly! Our team loves attending camp every year and a great way to kick off our season!”
Maria Kolaga, Millennium High School

“TSC is one of a kind company. You are able to get the “big company” feel of camp, while still getting that personal “family” touch that every team needs!”
Kaley Nowaczyk, Pinnacle High School

“TSC is the best there is. You get treated like family and your athletes truly get the attention they deserve.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“Every year there are never any hesitations with returning to TSC. Staff is great with athletes and the material is fun, energized and challenging!”
Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“TSC changes the game when it comes to camp. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a great year for the team. We’ll never go anywhere else!”
Leah Zeiger, South Pasadena High School

“I highly recommend TSC camp to all high schools who want more private and one on one time with your teams.”
Kori Boe, Pinnacle High School

“TSC staff is great about teaching proper technique and breaking it down. The staff is truly invested in the learning and growth in the cheerleaders.”
Jennifer Flanagan, Thunderbird High School

“TSC instructors are top notch! Extremely talented professional athletes who care about the success of your team.”
Allison Kyler, Silverado High Schooll

“I appreciate the emphasis put on training for coaches and the intentionality behind making the camp experience awesome for us coaches as well! Thank you!”
Nikki Libby, Perry High School

“Valley Vista loves TSC! Our team learns great material and new skills every year, and they look forward to seeing all the instructors each year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“It was a great experience; I saw many of my girls grow and gain more confidence through this camp!”
Annabrielle Davis,Queen Creek High School

“Overall amazing class/camp! I feel my team is leaving with new skills and a better team then before they got here! Thank you!”
Lexie Morel,Valley Vista High School


“We continue to love TSC pom camp. The dance material is the best out there. Music selection is fun and energetic. Perfect for halftime material. WE LOVE TSC! Best Camp Ever!”
Trish Madden, Willow Canyon High School

“We choose TSC because we trust the caliber of staff that will be working with our girls. They are really the best there is.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“TSC is unlike any other camp! The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and professional! We love TSC and plan to return next summer!”
Brooke Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“Year after year TSC goes above and beyond. This is my fifth year with TSC. I am part of the TSC family now and feel that way every year. My kids also feel as though they are part of this family.”
Brandi Giacoletti, Duncan High School

“The level of professionalism and skill of staff can’t be found anywhere else. It’s the perfect mix of fun and learning new skills.”
Chanelle Johnson, Perry High School

“We love TSC camp – the staff is highly skilled and professional. They work closely with my athletes to ensure safety and success in learning new skills. Also, TSC’s staff is consistent year after year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“The personal service, kindness, education, etc… that your squad gets with TSC, is far above other cheer camp companies.”
Candace Scholtz, Cactus High School

“I have experienced TSC camps as a cheerleader and coach and I’ve loved every minute. The staff are encouraging, kind and so helpful!”
Stefanie Parish, South Pasadena High School

“The staff is highly qualified, and the overall camp experience is just amazing. I have attended as a camper and coach and I wouldn’t choose any other camp!”
Taylor Welleford, Duncan High School

“TSC is amazing. The staff connects with the kids and are so willing to make each and every team better.”
Megan Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“My team made numerous comments throughout camp on how much they LOVE THE STAFF without being prompted.”
Silena Smith, Queen Creek High School

“We loved all the dance staff at TSC. They are constantly checking to make sure we are okay, having fun, being safe etc. They genuinely care about our girls and us as coaches.”
Maria Kolaga and Tami Ngo, Millennium High School

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