About Us

The Spirit Consultants are dedicated to the safe improvement and growth of high school spirit programs throughout the country. With a recent surge in the popularity of all-star cheerleading, there has been a decrease in qualified coaching interest and correct training at the high school level. TSC is a network of credentialed cheerleading professionals focused on increasing the level of training and preparedness of high school cheerleading through one-on-one custom program development, safe skills training and expert industry knowledge.

Founded in 2005 by David Kirschner, The Spirit Consultants began with the idea that every high school spirit advisor or coach should have access to a credentialed professional that can offer advice to train their athletes, build their program and create a positive winning environment. David is both AACCA and USASF Levels 1-5 safety certified; a former five year veteran head instructor for the Universal Cheerleaders Association (UCA); and has coached high school teams in NY, NJ, PA and CA. He spent four years cheering for Syracuse University.