The Spirit Consultants believe that every coach should have the right to choose their summer camp. As the coach/advisor of your program, you know what is best for your program and you know what your program goals are each season.

Continuing next summer is a requirement that competitive cheerleading squads must complete the “Varsity Spirit/NFHS Squad Credentialing” program to be allowed to participate in a 2022 nationals event. In order to have your competitive squad meet this credentialing requirement, 75% of only your competitive team must attend a 2-day home camp, at a minimum, with a brand that offers the squad credentialing curriculum.

For those nationally competitive squads that this applies to, TSC understands the financial strain this puts on your athletes and their families by having to attend a second summer camp.

The Spirit Consultants want to help your squad get the best training at our summer camp in 2021, while meeting this requirement. Here is how we plan to accomplish this.

If you register for and attend an overnight 2021 TSC camp in either CA or AZ and forward your paid-in-full credentialing home camp invoice to us, TSC will send your program a scholarship to be used toward the cost of your credentialing camp for your competitive squad.

The scholarship that will be sent back will max out at 75% of your total competitive team participation and will be determined on a team-by-team basis.

In addition to the above scholarship program, there are two more ways in which TSC can help your competition squad navigate attending two camps next summer.

First, TSC has an annual summer camp referral discount program that is open and available for all programs that attend one of our overnight camps.

CLICK HERE to read all the details on how to receive a FREE COACH/ADULT at camp. Free coaches/adults will help reduce your overall camp cost.

Second, TSC is happy to offer a free program budget consultation to help suggest ways on how your program can save money on your athlete participation costs. From preferred vendors that offer discounts to innovative ways of repackaging certain line items, TSC can help your program save money on your overall annual budget.

To determine your scholarship potential, every coach is encouraged to call Dave Kirschner, the owner of The Spirit Consultants, to discuss with him directly. Please email Dave at to schedule a call time.

TSC is Family. Programs that attend TSC camp and work closely with TSC throughout the year are our Family, and we always take care of our Family. Thank you for believing in The Spirit Consultants and allowing us to believe in you!!



If you are interested in setting up a custom home camp this summer, The Spirit Consultants can help you create your PERFECT camp experience! We’ll listen to your goals for camp, create a custom program specific to your spirit program’s needs, and provide you with a detailed proposal for you to approve.

Our home camps can include everything from camp choreography; halftime/pep rally routines; stunt/transition/pyramid skills training; tumbling technique training and spotting; cheers/sidelines; song/pom/dance camps with pom, hip-hop, jazz, jazz-funk choreography and technique workshops; motion and jump workshops; game etiquette and crowd-leading workshops; coaches education seminars; and much more. If it’s something you and your athletes would like taught so that you can prepare for a safe and successful season, TSC will make it happen for you!

To begin the home camp process, CLICK HERE to download our questionnaire. Complete the questionnaire with as much information and detail as possible. Send back to TSC by emailing the completed questionnaire, or just your answers, to and we’ll send back a custom home camp proposal. If you have any questions, you can call the TSC office anytime at (310) 702-3433.