“TSC is the best. Our dancers’ bond, grow and have more fun. They get personal attention from a mentor and private coach. We get great pom material that is strong, powerful, and gets us game ready.”
Bria Biggs, Palos Verdes High School

“Yucaipa High loves working with Dave and his TSC staff. They are very knowledgeable and kind! We have been with TSC for many years, and we don’t plan on changing that!”
Paige Wronka, Yucaipa High School

“TSC camp is perfect for any level of a program. This was our second year, and it was just as great as our first. All the coaches and staff are wonderful to work with and tailors to our program so well.”
Kathrin Fastiggi, Ganesha High School

“TSC has created a camp with the material and staff that allows my team to gain so many skills and confidence. The girls leave camp with so much they can perfect and through the year. The staff truly makes the effort to get to know the team and tailors their routines and expectations to each of them.”
Jenn Rhodus, Redlands East Valley High School

“This was my first time coming to TSC as a coach and I was blown away at how organized and informative every aspect of camp was. Each part was clearly thought out and intentionally planned to best benefit all teams and coaches!”
Amanda Connolly, Mission Viejo High School

“After attending many other camps, we were thrilled to discover TSC. TSC has the most experienced, knowledgeable, and effective staff we have found. TSC always brings my team together ahead of the new season.”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“TSC is a great camp to attend all staff is so welcoming and encouraging to all athletes and coaches. It is such an uplifting environment as well as being able to provide everyone with the knowledge needed to progress as one and create unity.”
Jackie Perez, Arroyo High School

“TSC provides more hands-on aid compared to other camps. There is also plenty of staff to make sure that everyone can be safe.”
Martha Napoles, Rosemead High School High School

“This is my first experience with TSC. Thank you so much for your help from beginning to end. My team learned so much, worked hard, and had a great time. I can’t wait to start this school year!”
Julia Peralta, Thompson Middle School

“Safety is a big one that I love about TSC. Technique is another one that is great with TSC teaching the right technique.”
Julianna Jasso, Yucaipa High School


“TSC is an amazing company that focuses on knowledge and technique. The staff is very helpful and know how to teach the basics well. Their focus on progressions is the main reason I bring my team here. I would recommend TSC to anyone looking to increase their knowledge in cheerleading!”
Paige Wronka, Yucaipa High School

“TSC staff is so approachable, personable, helpful, and friendly. Overall TSC camp is so much better than any others. And the amount of staff was super beneficial when stunting and learning new skills. I can’t say enough good things about the TSC staff and camp in general! Our girls had so much fun learning the routines and loved the material. They were pushed and challenged to learn new stunt transitions and pyramids but also had so much fun.”
Natalie Hammon, Mission Viejo High School

“TSC camp is a highlight of the year for our program. The girls talk about it all year. The staff support is amazing. All of our mentors and private coaches really want to see the squads learn and succeed. They know how to truly encourage and push the girls to do more, but in a very safe way. The staff was always willing to help and teach. The whole experience is very positive!”
Jenn Rhodus, Redlands East Valley High School

“Our second year at TSC did not disappoint! TSC staff is absolutely phenomenal, and the girls loved working with them. We can’t wait to perform all the material we learned and to continue to practice all the creative stunt material as well. Thank you TSC, we can’t wait to come back!”
Alex Cramer, Mission Viejo High School

“TSC camp continues to exceed our expectations! The athletes LOVE the staff and cannot wait to perform the material under the Friday Night Lights. It is a perfect combination of hard work and fun!”
Katie Mau, Mission Viejo High School

“Way better skills and staff than every other camp out there. Also better coaches meeting than USA coaches meetings. TSC is an amazing camp from their material to the staff. I will never go to another camp.”
Bryanna Cota, San Dimas High School

“TSC provides the best material, training, and staff available in California. The staff ration to cheerleader is also the best I’ve ever seen. TSC staff is far more experienced and professional than any other dance/cheer camp staff. The staff is the reason we keep coming back.”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“TSC was a great experience and staff was very welcoming. All material that was taught was fun and creative, TSC was a great camp and by far one of the best camps I have attended. I really enjoyed how staff was hands on and super supportive. All staff focuses on every team which helps the team get pointers from many.”
Ruben Macias, Arroyo High School

“TSC is by far the best camp around. I came as a cheerleader 10 years ago, always send my teams, and will continue to always do so. You can tell the staff truly cares, and they give us the best material. TSC cares about each and every team/athlete. It doesn’t feel like a machine/routine for them to just get through their day. Thank you!”
Maggie Titus, Citrus Hill High School

“No other camp comes close to TSC, they have so much to offer. The instructors give great constructive feedback, the sessions are enjoyable, and the camp as a whole is a great time. The coaches’ seminars are very helpful and a lot of great knowledge is shared. TSC cares!”
Morgan Kennedy, South Pasadena High School

“TSC camp is a great experience! Your kids will learn lots of material they can use all season. It is lots of fun and very professional.”
Bria Biggs, Palos Verdes High School

“TSC was a great first experience for camp and we cannot wait to come back! The staff was super supportive to all teams and so knowledgeable and flexible. We love the private coaching.”
Kathrin Fastiggi, Ganesha High School


“There was a lot less “fluff” [and] cheesy material or games. Everything taught was incredibly useful and our girls can’t wait to perform it at home. The coaches’ sessions were actually productive [and] useful. From start to finish, TSC’s staff was incredible. They were kind, motivating, and knowledgeable. The material and music were great, and our girls loved it all!”
Alex Brower, Mission Viejo High School

“TSC is the best camp my team has attended. Very worth the money and time…[and] the quality of staff is unmatched!”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“TSC has a strong foundation of family, which helps bring together all different kinds of girls for the love of cheer. We loved the stunt classes because the staff helped break down technique with the girls.”
Amanda Lee, Redlands East Valley High School

“Fantastic material for both dance and cheer. The structure of the camp is better than any USA camp I have attended. The structure was great [and we] had an amazing time!”
Morgan Kennedy, South Pasadena High School

“The best staff by far! They really set the standard [for] a team effort. The team absolutely loved them [ and] I couldn’t have thought of a better place to go after COVID.”
Lorena Juarez, Paramount High School

“Cannot say enough positive feedback about TSC! The girls learned so much material, new skills, and had fun! The staff was knowledgeable, patient, and talented! LOVE CAMP!” Katie Mau, Mission Viejo High School

“TSC Camp helped give my team new skills. The staff was super patient and really helped to make them all feel successful. We have lots of material to take home.”
Jennifer Rhodus, Redlands East Valley High School

“VMHS freshmen loved the staff and felt so welcomed, which made them less nervous and even more excited.”
Ryann McDermott, Vista Murrieta High School

“I absolutely loved it. No matter what level our girls were [at], they felt like a million bucks. The attention and love and encouragement was: WOW!”
Reyna Joy Banks, Sierra Canyon School

“The TSC staff did and amazing job working with our team and us as coaches. Everyone was extremely helpful, definitely the perfect first-time experience!”
Solene Flores, Sierra Canyon School

“This is my first experience as a coach, and I truly am impressed with all you do for the campers and coaches!”
Rani Riddle, Oak Hills High School

“TSC taught the BEST choreography of all time! The stunt classes can’t be beat!”
Carley Rominger, Yucaipa High School

“TSC changes the game when it comes to camp. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a great year for the team. We’ll never go anywhere else!”
Leah Zeiger, South Pasadena High School


“I wish I would have known about TSC years sooner! It’s THE BEST camp/experience we’ve ever had! The staff is very knowledgeable and up to date on industry [standards] and ready to help! Can’t get one-on-one like we did here anywhere else!”
Martha Huerta, Paramount High School

“TSC is a family. You feel the love and energy as soon as you step on the mat. TSC is everything you want in a cheer/dance camp and more.”
Monique Cabral, Citrus Valley High School

“The TSC staff is the best staff around. We’ve tried UCA, NCA, USA camps and the staff is young and inexperienced. TSC staff knows their material and has a wealth of knowledge. Stunt experts!!”
Jama Maxfield, Palos Verdes High School

“The camp is amazing, personable, technique, family oriented and Dave and his staff are the BEST in the business.”
Bayleigh Cluett, Rancho Buena Vista High School

“TSC provides current trends with material and up to date safety for stunts. Our school looks forward to attending stunt clinics and camp every year. TSC offers it all! VMHS loves TSC!”
Courtney Hansen, Vista Murrieta High School

“There is no other cheer camp I would take my cheerleaders. Staff, material, and the experience are exceptional.” Ellie Reeves, Yucaipa High School

“TSC has supported my program in every way possible. My team has created strong connections with Dave and staff.”
Jennifer Rhodus, Redlands East Valley High School

“TSC is the best camp Foothill has been too! We love coming back year after year. We would never go to another camp.
Kaela Boersma, Foothill High School

“TSC provides the best, most qualified staff I’ve ever seen. My team leaves with new skills and usable material.”
Cari Secrist, Palos Verdes High School

“Our experience at TSC was enjoyable. The attention given to all teams during instruction was great. I highly recommend TSC.”
Rosa Gonzalez, Rosemead High School

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