“We had an amazing time at camp! The staff was so kind and encouraging! TSC did a great job working with our team and making sure our girls felt supported and confident. It was the best way to start our season.”
Sophia Digati, Arcadia High School

“As someone that has been to other company camps, I can honestly say I have never felt more at home with TSC. Not only Dave, but ALL the staff are beyond caring and educated in the Spiritline world. I cannot express enough on how successful and proud we feel after leaving TSC. Camp memories last ALL season. Our most favorite memories are made here at TSC.”
Emily Spath, San Tan Foothills High School

“I would highly recommend TSC for camp and choreography. Our program has drastically improved with the knowledge of stunting and competing. TSC is very knowledgeable in safety, progressions and what is best for your program. They are here to help build your program and you can count on them throughout the season. TSC truly becomes part of your cheer family.”
Callie McCormick Russel, Ben Franklin High School

“Being our second year at TSC camp we thought we knew what we were coming into. But gratefully it was even better. The knowledge the staff has in all areas is nothing that you will see anywhere else. TSC Staff know how to break down each skill and gives plenty of one-on-one attention to every school. My kids are going home stronger, more confident and made bonds that will set our foundation for the rest of the season.”
Rachell May, Ironwood High School

“TSC was a great option for camp for our girls. They were challenged but still had a blast and are coming home with new skills that we can use all year long!”
Hilary Pendleton, Mesa High School

“TSC genuinely cares about the athletes and coaches that they work with. They want to see you succeed and it shows through their instruction and professionalism.”
Taya Benton, Basha High School

“Love attending TSC! Very good information given at the coaches’ classes.”
Avery Peters, Queen Creek High School

“TSC is very organized. The staff is very welcoming to athletes and coaches. The wealth of knowledge in stunt classes was amazing.”
Jennifer Selder, Williams Field High School

“I liked the personal attention for groups/teams. The camp felt personal - which is really nice!”
Amy Israel, Williams Field High School

“TSC camp is the best for athletes and coaches! Athletes get all day one-on-one instruction from staff focused on technique to take them to the next level, and coaches get valuable instruction with models shown of up to date state and national rule changes and modifications.”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“The best part about TSC is the staff! They are knowledgeable and kind. Even going so far as to jump into stunts to help fix anything.”
Heather Maddox, Valley Vista High School

“Since being a coach and working with TSC I’ve grown tremendously in my knowledge of cheer. Of course, there is the basic knowledge that comes from being a former athlete but TSC, specifically Dave, has shown me a lot of new, creative, dynamic ways to lead my team. It’s made me change and revamp my coaching style/approach.”
Jay Mullen, Benjamin Franklin High School

“TSC camp was hands down the best cheerleading and dance camp I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing! The TSC staff was incredibly knowledgeable and really took the time to get to know our athletes so they could adjust their instruction to our program’s needs.”
Stephanie Land, Ironwood High School

“TSC is an amazing camp for both athletes and coaches. Staff is beyond qualified and available. They take the time to go through rules, safety, and success more than any other camp we have attended.”
Mandy Schenk, Ironwood High School

“Desert Mountain hasn’t been to any camp in over 7 years. This was their first time being at anything like this. It was motivating, informative and fun! Thank you TSC!
Marchand McCacley, Desert Mountain High School

“TSC is your camp to teach your kids the fundamentals and technique they need for the season.”
Jennifer Flanagan, Thunderbird High School

“The staff was EXTREMELY nice and was super helpful with anything we needed. They were super patient with our cheerleaders as well.”
Chloe Zive, Thunderbird High School

“The education your athletes will receive with TSC staff does not compare! This is the camp for you if you want to guarantee your cheerleaders gain better skill and technique through stunting, dance, and cheer.”
Morgan Norris, Thunderbird High School

“TSC IS EXCELLENT! Excellent staff, excellent material, excellent experience. I would highly recommend this camp to everyone!”
Amber Jones, West Point High School

“TSC allows our school to feel successful and seen. They get to learn and perform challenging skills but still stay in their level.”
Jordan Hulse, West Point High School

“Loved the family vibe of this camp. Everything felt very personalized.”
Alex Dermody, Desert Mountain High School

“We had such a great time at TSC camp! I love that there was a lot in the curriculum, but the environment stayed low stress. We have so much new information (dances, cheers, stunts) that we can’t wait to take home and perfect. Thank you!”
Lauren Pierce, Bisbee High School

“My first cheer camp experience and I feel it was put together perfectly and was very well organized.”
Danitza Almada, Bisbee High School

“The staff is very approachable. Loved the one-on-one time given to each team.”
Autumn Smeltz, ALA Ironwood High School

“TSC has been a great experience for ALA Ironwood. My girls always have so much fun and learn so much! Never a dull moment!”
Mary Smeltz, ALA Ironwood High School

“Dave and his staff are absolutely amazing! The cheer and dance routines are fire and on point. Super kind but constructive criticism.”
Amanda Holland, Payson High School

“This was Payson’s first visit to TSC camp and we will be back. The ladies progressed in every aspect. We arrived nervous, confused, and hesitant and we are leaving with new friends, new knowledge, and confidence.”
Janelle Garrison, Payson High School

“TSC staff, material and coach coaching is incredible! This camp (as a coach) helped build confidence in knowing I know what I’m doing. As a team, it helped us to show our athletes how to cheer outside of competition.”
Nicole Schoch, Desert Ridge High School

“TSC was a treat! Loved the staff, very fun but forward. The honesty is important to us, our girls don’t buy into “cute” talk. The staff gave us a standard, a goal, and a plan to achieve. The practice worked our girls hard and nonstop! They wish they could practice every day, all day! Thank you TSC for being your very best and giving us your very best!”
Katja White, Buena High School


“TSC is amazing for many reasons. The skill set their staff brings is just the tip of the iceberg. The biggest thing that keeps us coming back is the family environment and the bonds we are able to create with Dave and the rest of his staff. I have not attended another camp in many years. We continue coming to TSC for the staff and family environment.”
Desiree Houg, Perry High School

“The staff at TSC is unmatched. Amazing material taught by some of the nation’s best cheerleaders just made the camp a great experience. We will bring our program back for years to come.”
Chanelle Mariner, Mountain View Mesa High School

“TSC is very knowledgeable in everything! Their instructors know how to teach good techniques and new skills in stunting. Best camp to attend in AZ!”
Jamie Nielson, Mountain View Mesa High School

“We love all the TSC staff and look forward to working with them and learning from them each year. TSC has helped us with our stunting technique which has given our athletes more confidence and has enabled them to learn more advanced skills and be successful. So much better than other cheer/dance camps—no comparison! Staff is so much more knowledgeable and professional.”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“This was our first experience at this camp, and it has been the best experience! From the moment we walked into registration we felt welcomed. The material was modern and all of my kids loved the dancing and new stunts. I’m leaving feeling like I actually learned something. This camp was run very professionally. We are leaving with tons of material, inside jokes, and bonding that will set the foundation for the rest of the season. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. Loved this camp!”
Rachell May, Ironwood High School

“If you aren’t attending TSC for cheer camp, you are truly missing out! The staff, material, and overall camp experience is 10/10! TSC differs from other brand camps we’ve attended on so many levels. We continue to return to TSC every year due to the positive impact it has on our athletes. It truly sets the tone for our season.”
Brooke Ruiz, San Tan Foothills High School

“ALAQC has never been to an overnight camp before. TSC has set the bar high! Extremely organized, efficient, and knowledgeable. Staff was fantastic! TSC really did such a great job providing lots and lots of material. Us as coaches felt like they provided us with lots of useful knowledge regarding rules that we can apply during our game day season and competition season. Had such an incredible experience full of memories and unity. We would highly suggest TSC to anyone who might be on the fence. Well worth the money!!”
Cadie Agne, American Leadership Academy Queen Creek

“The most informative camp by far! Loved the corrections and progressions. I don’t know why it took us so long to come. TSC is a MUST do for any team, at any level. Not only is the camp a great bonding time for your team but the athletes learn so much and come home feeling confident for the new season.”
Kristine Pullins, Benjamin Franklin High School

“This was our first year and we loved camp. The staff was extremely informative, friendly, and helpful. The camp was organized along with great amenities and food. Most important, we left camp with new skills, technique, and content that we will use while having fun. I loved the coaches’ meetings. The explanation and example of the rules was informative and important.”
Jenny Okland, Red Mountain High School

“TSC staff is way more friendly and willing to give correction and also help! TSC Camp is organized and has a laid-out schedule that is followed!”
Ashley Davis, Casteel High School

“Felt more like family and had a better vibe than UCA Camp. Very well put together and didn’t feel like I was being pitched to come back during coaches meetings. A family tradition that can’t be beat!”
Delaney Morill, Casteel High School

“One big thing I noticed is that TSC spends more time teaching more stunting than UCA. I like TSC better.”
Hayley Stout, Red Mountain High School

“TSC did a great job giving a busy schedule yet also giving time for mental and physical breaks! We will definitely be back! TSC has the most amazing and caring staff.”
Chloe Toone, Higley High School

“Amazing! Just as good as some of the all-star camps I’ve been to. TSC ran a fun, organized clinic. The staff had great energy and really put on a fun camp for the cheerleaders. All staff members were knowledgeable and extremely helpful.”
Kate Tannenbaum, American Leadership Academy Queen Creek

“TSC is an amazing cheer/dance camp for all skill levels. They are very knowledgeable for both coaches and cheerleaders. Would come back again!”
Shana Buffington, Red Mountain High School

“TSC is a spectacular organization. Each and every member of the TSC staff treats the campers as part of a family. They answer all questions and treat everyone with respect and care. The love, support, and materials TSC offers makes it a great camp to attend. Dave and his team are amazing! Love the TSC family!”
Heather Maddox, Valley Vista High School

“Great experience as always for kids and coaches! Good info during coaches’ meetings. Staff made the kids excited and encouraged them but still pushed them through long days! Comfortable but hardworking atmosphere here at camp!”
Kalie Callison, Perry High School

“The culture of TSC will start out your cheer season with a bang! A great way to promote and strengthen your squad’s team spirit! TSC has made camp fun and interactive while valuing the need to push and promote as much learning as possible.”
Kaitlin Krestel, Ironwood Ridge High School

“Aside from being knowledgeable, all staff did a really great job connecting with our athletes. They recognize them by name and it really makes our team feel like we are the only ones at camp! When they take the time to celebrate their accomplishments, it motivates them to keep going!”
Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“I have had the opportunity to attend UCA and USA camps in the past. I am so glad we came to TSC this year! It was the most organized, professional camp I’ve ever attended. I strongly suggest you broaden your cheerleader’s experience and come to TSC!”
Jenni Kinsey, Saguaro High School

“A million times more organized than others, smooth sailing and the staff ACTUALLY wants to see girls succeed here. Most supportive staff, they personalize everything to your team. UCA last year was so opposite of this, I’ve never been happier with a camp!”
Kelsey Kinsey, Saguaro High School

“TSC was a great experience for our girls to grow and bond. They’re coming home better cheerleaders, but most importantly, better teammates. TSC was well organized, professional, and effective.”
Margaret Moad, Eastmark High School

“TSC really went above and beyond to make sure the girls had an experience that advanced their mentality to achieve new skills! Very enlightening and nice to see the girls have fun.”
James Geiselhofer, Highland High School

TSC camp was the best camp experience for my cheerleaders and me as a coach. The kids had tons of fun while learning so much valuable material and lessons. Amazing 3 days and we can’t wait to be back next year!”
Cortnee Porras, Ironwood High School

“I love that TSC has a similar structure to what we are used to at UCA, but it is so much better. Having a large, experienced staff was the highlight!”
Amanda Utie, Ironwood High School

“TSC staff was amazing! They really took the time to make our cheerleaders feel comfortable, confident, and secure in what they were learning. The camp materials help prepare the cheerleaders for competition more than other camps. TSC’s staff is more prepared/qualified to teach. TSC takes more time with the athletes to make sure they understand than any other camp staff I’ve had experience with.”
Mady Schenk, Ironwood High School

“TSC is a fun, interactive, professional camp that we love attending every summer. Staff is very qualified and helpful. They give so much material that we use throughout the whole year! Thank you Dave and TSC for all you do for our AZ teams!”
Sarah Stevenson, Shadow Ridge High School

“TSC is a camp that allows the athletes to be challenged, experience performing, and have fun with their teammates for the upcoming season. TSC is customer focused and cares about excellence.”
Haley Cobb, Horizon High School

“TSC is the perfect mix of challenging but exciting, doable material. This camp is great for all levels and keeps the athletes engaged the entire weekend. The material is something we will use throughout the entire season. The material is better than any other camp. I love the staff, professionalism, and everything that comes with the week.”
Paige Hoffman, Horizon High School

“Cheer camp is a way to tell how your season will go, and TSC made this so enjoyable and memorable for our kids. Camp really got them hype for the season. Staff is beyond helpful, the material is unique and doable for our athletes skill level. You push our girls to the max and I love it! We can thank all of TSC enough!”
Emily Spath, San Tan Foothills High School

“When I came to camp, I had only been a coach for one week. Camp not only helped strengthen our relationship throughout the squad but also between myself and them. TSC staff was very helpful with giving me coaching tips, I appreciate it so much! This was my first camp experience but it definitely set my expectations high for any future camps.”
Mariah Wruck, San Tan Foothills High School


“TSC Camp is the BEST! My athletes get one on one instruction at whatever skill level they need. They learn so much material and so many skills that carry them through the year, and they always look forward to camp the next year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“TSC is truly amazing, and the girls loved it! No other camp compares to it.”
Carli Zagarni, Shadow Ridge High School

“We love TSC! Thank you for accommodating individuals so that we can have some type of opportunity for our athletes! Hopefully next year we will be perfectly on track for success!”
Jessica Coday, Millennium High School

“The TSC staff really takes the time to get to know the girls and make them all feel comfortable. Always cute choreography, fun classes with stunts they can use outside of camp. Such a positive vibe and so organized!”
Megan Calamari, San Tan Foothills High School

“The staff and materials were fun, and that allowed for the teams to be more engaged. Along with the staff who were all so helpful. They left no team out and cared for them equally! We loved the entire camp and environment!”
Alissa Serrano, Desert Edge High School

“We have always enjoyed the energy and material TSC has offered! The structure works really well for me as a coach and stunting breakdown caters to my athletes at all levels!” Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“TSC instructors are top notch! Extremely talented professional athletes who care about the success of your team.”
Allison Kyler, Silverado High School


“This was our first year and I would HIGHLY recommend it to any squad. Their staff is phenomenal and the training you [receive] as a coach, as well as your athletes, is top of the line. Would come back!”
Daye Smalley, Shadow Ridge High School

“TSC is the best of the best! The material taught is current, challenging and always a crowd pleaser! Staff are knowledgeable, professional and so friendly! Our team loves attending camp every year and a great way to kick off our season!”
Maria Kolaga, Millennium High School

“TSC is one of a kind company. You are able to get the “big company” feel of camp, while still getting that personal “family” touch that every team needs!”
Kaley Nowaczyk, Pinnacle High School

“TSC is the best there is. You get treated like family and your athletes truly get the attention they deserve.”
Desiree Stinnett, Perry High School

“Every year there are never any hesitations with returning to TSC. Staff is great with athletes and the material is fun, energized and challenging!”
Felisha Yeager, Willow Canyon High School

“TSC changes the game when it comes to camp. It’s the perfect way to kickstart a great year for the team. We’ll never go anywhere else!”
Leah Zeiger, South Pasadena High School

“I highly recommend TSC camp to all high schools who want more private and one on one time with your teams.”
Kori Boe, Pinnacle High School

“TSC staff is great about teaching proper technique and breaking it down. The staff is truly invested in the learning and growth in the cheerleaders.”
Jennifer Flanagan, Thunderbird High School

“TSC instructors are top notch! Extremely talented professional athletes who care about the success of your team.”
Allison Kyler, Silverado High Schooll

“I appreciate the emphasis put on training for coaches and the intentionality behind making the camp experience awesome for us coaches as well! Thank you!”
Nikki Libby, Perry High School

“Valley Vista loves TSC! Our team learns great material and new skills every year, and they look forward to seeing all the instructors each year!”
Trisha Brown, Valley Vista High School

“It was a great experience; I saw many of my girls grow and gain more confidence through this camp!”
Annabrielle Davis,Queen Creek High School

“Overall amazing class/camp! I feel my team is leaving with new skills and a better team then before they got here! Thank you!”
Lexie Morel,Valley Vista High School

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